Who we are...

Tom Gittins

Tom is the proprietor of Art and Frame of Falls Church with his mom being the majority owner.  The creator and organizer of FIRSTfriday of Falls Church and one the co-founders of Falls Church Arts and Taste of Falls Church, Tom continues to create and infuse the arts in everything he touches. 

Art and Frame of Falls Church has also been the recipient of the City of Falls Church's 2003 Excellence in Customer Service Award and 2004 Business of the Year Award.

It all began with his grandparents corner grocery store in upstate New York.  Offering customers what they want was in the blood.  Art and Frame of Falls Church to this day continues to offer candies from the counter as Tom's Grandparents did in their store.

Tom began framing many, many years ago by way of his Dad framing the works his Mom completed.  In 2001 Tom took what he had learned from many years of working with friends, business acquaintances, and relatives and turned it into a retail setting that now sits among 9,500 square feet along with 20 artist and business studios.


Gabrielle Spencer

As a budding artist, I've just begun to navigate my way through the art world. To me it seems infinitely vast with no rules. As a logical thinker this frightens me. Often times I don't even regard myself as an “artist”. I can't “let go”, as I believe a true artist can. But I do believe my meticulous nature, keen eye, and desire for perfection has proved to be essential in executing photo realistic portraiture. In this I am finding my niche.

However, it's not just picture perfect I try to achieve. My objective is to capture one's essence. I avoid smile-for-the-camera poses, opting for candid expression. Not only does this make for a more interesting portrait, but also a truer depiction of   human nature. Using a very hard pencil allows me to develop a drawing slowly. The result is very fine lines and soft transition of values, giving a three dimensional quality and bringing the subject to life. At a certain point, the drawing begins to breath and I get an eerie feeling that I am not alone with my pencil and paper anymore. That is when I know the portrait is complete.  

Gabe, originally from Illinois and Pennsylvania, moved here to the D.C. Area. She graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 2004 with a degree in studio arts. She is currently a framer at Art and Frame of Falls Church and portrait artist.

Bill Abel

Bill has a strong urge to follow his heart and work back into teaching and painting on a more full-time basis.  With that, he isn't working at Art and Frame of Falls Church anymore.  You can however reach him in Studio S here as part of Jefferson Street Artists, at (703) 283-6260, or on the web at www.WhereArtHappens.com.

Bev Rocco, Corporate Designer/Artist

I started as a photographer- seeing life through the lens.  As I printed my images, I saw forms that would make interesting abstracts.
I turned to paint to reflect the forms, colors and impressions that I see and feel.  Painting feeds my soul and inspires my imagination to put on canvas a different version of the world as I see it. 
I went to school at Northern Virginia Community College where I studied photography, drawing, sculpture and graphic art.
I have spent the last 30 years in the art field.  I found my niche as a picture frame designer and entered two contests which I won second and third place awards.  I am passionate about art and enjoy helping others finding the perfect piece or frame design for their art.

Alexis Mattila

Designer/Artist/Fine Art Photography

More information to come.

Suzanne Gittins


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