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Artist Profile: Anna Zavileiskaia
Apr 12, 2011 --
This April, FIRSTfriday of Falls Church is proud to feature the photographic compositions of Anna Zavileiskaia.  This show, entitled "Playtime," features a series of conceptual photographs that transcend to subject matter of the image to address the basic elements of light and form.  As Anna explains, "Working with visual installations is the most exciting, both intellectually and as a way to provide spiritual 'nutrients' for the mind.  It is an attempt to approach the art not only on an aesthetic level, but also as an intellectual phenomenon, a dialog, or possibly a provocation, which should be acted upon.  I am constantly playing with light and form, whether the subject is an inanimate object, an architectural environment, or a model."
Anna was born in Moscow in 1966 and currently resides in Budapest, Hungary.  She studied to become an architect at the Moscow Institute of Architecture, and she is even a member of the Hungarian Chamber of Architects.  With this strong architectural background, she does not consider herself to be simply a photographer.  Instead, she "uses the camera as a tool, like a pencil or a brush, to help her express her thoughts, ideas, and emotions so as to 'fix them on paper.'"  Though she often works with subject matter commonly found in our everyday environment, she uses the camera to frame each composition in such a way that those objects lose their original function and meaning, taking on a new context based purely on aesthetic form.  Her combined roots in fine art and architecture are also apparent in her "Playing with Paper" series, in which she crafts and photographs tiny vignettes that engage "light and composition, an extraordinary imagination, and a highly evolved sense of humor.
Though each of her works has its own title, Anna chooses to separate this information from the viewer so as not to influence their perception of the piece.  This show promises to be an engaging and thought-provoking experience.  Though she could be present in person for the opening, Anna prepared a video statement to introduce and talk about her work.  We invite you to come experience these playful pieces for yourself this through the month of April at Art and Frame of Falls Church!  See you there!


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