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Some Holiday Tips from Your Friendly Neighborhood Frame Shop
Dec 10, 2010 --
Don't let the time pass you by!

Happy December, once again!  As you madly scurry to get your holiday gifts squared away, we would like to remind you that framing projects can make great gifts for anyone.  You can frame a photo from a vacation, a romantic night out, or just from everyday adventures as a special memento for the person or people who shared in those memories.  Does your loved one have an old diploma, keepsake, heirloom, poster, or other significant article that's been shoved in a corner collecting dust?  Get it properly framed and preserved - they'll like treasure it even more when they can look at it without having to brave the cobwebbed recesses of the attic.  If you have an artist in the family, or are an artist yourself, frame some original work to put on display.  Remember, we offer an artist discount!

Granted, the framing process can take a while, so plan ahead!  At Art and Frame of Falls Church, we are still framing for the holidays, and we'll continue to do so until we close up shop for Christmas Eve.  As always, no there is no extra fee for rushed orders.  However, keep in mind that your options may diminish as the deadline draws nearer.  While we have some mouldings, many mats, and glass in stock at all times, most of our mouldings and some mats must be ordered.  If you have something very specific in mind, check with us to see if we can get it in in time - some distributors are able to deliver the next day, but others may take several days to deliver an order.  The earlier you can get a project started, the better, especially if the project has very exact specifications or is more complex than average.  However, if you absolutely must come in at the last minute, we can accommodate you with in-stock mouldings or ready-made frames.  Our black, silver, and gold poster special frames are also always in stock, and the poster special itself (which includes the metal frame, regular glass, and drymounting for anything up to 32"x40") is just $49.95, all the time.  In addition, we also offer gift certificates.  These can be specified at any value, and they can be applied to any framing need.

Don't forget to stop by our 2010 Holiday Gallery as well!  Featuring the work of nineteen different artists, you'll find everything from stunning photography to jewelry and trinkets to assorted cards and prints.  These pieces can all make great gifts - don't miss out!

Happy Holidays from the contributing artists of the Holiday Gallery! From left to right: Shaun Van Steyn, Yvonne Dinsdale, Audrey Boobar, Cathy Kaye, Elizabeth Ball, Shanna Obelenus, Marina Troy, Justine Spilman, Bev Rocco, Neil Shawen, Peter Tomlinson, Joe Crow Heller, and Bill Abel


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